Lava Cap Estate Bottled Merlot 2018, El Dorado California

Founded in 1981, Lava Cap Winery is a third generation family farm, located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, at an elevation of 2,700ft. The winery and Estate vineyards are located on a unique outcropping of volcanic soil, the inspiration for the wineries name. The result of elevation and distinct soils are wines that errupt with flavor. “Merlot is planted in a low lying draw that has accumulated fine loamy soils suitable for premium Merlot. The soil is derived from decomposed lahar flows that occured between 4-10 million years ago, creating a young volcanic soil that allows for the development of intense and lush fruit flavors. To increase complexity we planted our Merlot on North and West facing slowes, where it is shielded from warm afternoon sun. Like all of our vineyards, we farm our Merlot following Fish Friendly sustainability guidelines.” – winery. The Merlot was fermented for 10 days on the skins with frequent pumpovers. To preserve the well structured berry flavors and full bodied fruit characteristics, the wine was aged for 22 months in French oak. This delicate balance allows the slight toasti-ness to present itself on the finish without taking the spotlight from the fruit.