LaClare Family Creamery Fig & Honey Goat Cheese 4oz

Fresh Crottin is a fresh goat cheese made in the style of the traditional French Crottin de Chavignol. Made with goats’ milk from family farms, this fresh cheese is the same hand-crafted cheese as Bijou, without the aging. The milk is pasteurized and slowly coagulated overnight with lactic cultures. The next day, the curd is drained in cheesecloth, and then the little button are shaped by hand, packed and sold fresh. Fresh Crottin is more complex in flavor than regular fresh goat cheese. The special yeast and mold that are added to the milk in the early stage of the maturation gives Fresh Crottin floral and lemony hints with a fresh milk finish. Serve broiled in tomato sauce for an appetizer, as a centerpiece to a salad or on a cheeseboard.