Joullian Retro Rouge Red Wine Blend 2014, Carmel Valley, California

Zinfandel caught Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon foolin’ around with Cabernet Franc and Black Muscat up at Joullian vineyards, and just look what happened!! A few older (‘mature’) barrels of Estate Zinfandel started checking out some nice young Merlot that was fraternizing with Cabernet Sauvignon while surreptitiously eyeing the chiseled and virile Cabernet Franc who was strutting his stuff in front of the precocious Muscat Hamburg. In the ensuing melee, they all became embroiled in such a tumultuous blend of aromatics, suppleness and unctuousness that the winemaking police were forced to incarcerate them together in deep, darkened glass confines sealed with large bark logs. The group was sentenced to 1-5 years, unless enlightened oenophiles manage to get them released early for good behavior. 2013 vintage – 47% Zinfandel, 26% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc, 4% Muscat Hamburg. 100% Joullian Estate, Carmel Valley. Primary/secondary fermentation completed in 11-38 days using multiple yeasts and malolactic strains. Aged 30 months in Center of France oak barrels. Deep ruby color that continues all the way to the edges. Fresh plums, cola and rhubarb pop on the nose. It jumps back and forth between its Bordeaux and Zinfandel base. Soft and velvety at first, then a burst of dried fruit, leather and bright acidity through the finish. Somewhat waxy, lingering flavors of white pepper spice and black cherry. A wonderful, everyday drinker with or without food.