Joullian Chardonnay 2014 1.5 Liter Magnum, Monterey, California

2014 marks 28 years of Joullian Chardonnay. “Our Monterey Chardonnay blends the powerful citrus flavors of the Santa Lucia’s Highland Vineyard with the elegant, floral qualities of the Roger Rose and Mission Ranch Vineyards of Arroyo Secco. All the wine was barrel fermented with multiple Burgundian yeast strains and we encouraged simultaneous malolactic fermentation in half the wine to minimize one dimensional butterscotch-ml flavors and boost natural fruit, spice, texture and vineyards ‘terroir’ characteristics. We use only tight grained French oak barrels from stave wood that is cured 3 years to reduce overt ‘oakiness’ while enhancing bouquet, fruit, typicity and mouth feel.” Brilliant, pale green straw-gold color. Vibrant lime, spicy mace, mineral and hazelnut nose. A juicy lime, tangerine and Fuji apple entry expands into a broad citrus/apple mid-palate that finishes with a lingering mineral and roasted grain flavors of uncommon length and depth. Cellar thru 2020 at 55° F.