Idlewild Flora & Fauna Rosé 2019, Mendocino County, California

Flora and Fauna loosely means the collection of plant and animal life of a certain epoch. Piedmontese-inspired owner and winemaker Sam Bilbro, born, raised and based in Sonoma County, picks selectively to make this light, refreshingly complex wine. “For 2018, the rosé is a co-fermented blend of 38% Nebbiolo, 31% Barbera, and 31% Dolcetto. This vintage of the rosé is true to the last few vintages: all the bright and fresh sides of rosé we love with an added depth to pair with food. There is a play between savory versus fresh and subtlety versus power that make this wine very intriguing. The aromas are wound up around orange peel, celery salt, grapefruit, alpine herbs, wildflowers, blood orange, and sea spray. The three varieties can all be seen in the structure: Nebbiolo lends the crunchy minerality, Dolcetto lends a delicate softness, and Barbera lends firm acidity.”