Hugel Pinot Blanc Cuvée Les Amours 2016, Alsace, France

Hugel & Fils, founded in 1639 in picturesque Riquewihr, Alsace, France, is still 100% family owned and managed by the 12th consecutive generation of the family. The family owns a 30 hectares estate of prime sites in Riquewihr, mostly classed Grand Cru, and buys grapes from a further 110 hectares farmed under contract. The Hugel estates are planted with only the noble Alsace grape varieties, with vines averaging 35 years of age. Pinot Blanc is now the most planted varietal in Alsace. Delicate, subtle and well buit, it makes an excellent aperitif because, although nicely rounded, it is also refreshing. The perfect all-purpose dry white wine, it goes well with country buffets, seafood and white meats. This is a well-balanced and pleasant dry wine which is also fresh, refreshing, and pleasingly well-rounded with a pleasantly smooth and full structure which begs to be enjoyed, and leaves a nice, fruity and well stated after-taste. According to Georges Hugel, in 1970 a titled English Lady and a wine writer were having lunch at Georges’ parent’s home. The Lady commented to Jean Hugel (Georges’ father, 1898-1980) how much she enjoyed the Pinot Blanc, but that it was very difficult to find in England. The Lady suggested that a fitting name might be Cuvée Les Amoureux (the lover’s blend). The name Cuvée Les Amoureux was not suitable because it was too similar to an already existing vineyard in Burgundy. Eventually, the Hugel family decided on ‘Cuvée Les Amours’ – a name automatically associated with the French and love, as the Pinot Blanc is a lovely wine!