Huett Pinot Noir 2017, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Ryan Huett was lured into winemaking while siting atop a mountain in the cloud forest of Costa Rica where he and his wife Tammy raised their two sons, and own a small eco-resort. It was 2012, and a group of investors from California planted the first ever 25 acres of wine grapes in Costa Rica just a few miles away from their property, and this was the catalyst that caused Ryan to abandon a decades long career in real estate in search of a new journey. The Huetts were headed back to the States so their oldest son could start college after having lived in Costa Rica for almost a decade. Ryan decided to join his son, and returned to college at the ripe old age of 42 to pursue degrees in both viticulture and enology at the Northwest Wine Studies center in Salem, Oregon. After 2 years of intense study, Ryan completed both degrees and took an internship at one of the oldest wineries in Oregon just before the harvest of 2014. His talent was undeniable, and in 10 short months, he accomplished what normally takes 10 years or more. Ryan became the head winemaker at a facility producing up to 10,000 cases a year. He also began making his own wine that year under the premium label “Huett” His style quickly developed as he shunned some traditional practices such as single vineyard wines. He made an effort to locate and source small hidden vineyards from each and every AVA in the Willamette Valley in an attempt to capture as much diversity and subtle nuance in his artfully crafted Pinot Noirs which are always blended from a minimum of 2 vineyard sources and 2 separate AVA designations. He also sought out vineyards in eastern and southern Oregon to showcase other varietals like Syrah and Zinfandel which he feels have been overlooked in the market.