Huet Vouvray Le Mont Moelleux 2017 Première Trie, Vouvray, Loire Valley, France

Located in the Vouvray appellation of the Loire region, Domaine Huet was founded by Victor Huet in 1928. The estate has since then been extended to include 30 hectares, and was managed by Victor’s son Gaston. Gaston was joined in 1971 by his son-in-law, Noël Pinguet, and 1979 by chef de culture, Jean-Bernard Bertholmé. Together, they crafted legendary wines from their three parcels – with the vineyards and nature dictating which grapes would become Sec, Demi-Sec, or Moelleux. The wines of Domaine Huet are produced from Vouvray’s flagship grape, Chenin Blanc. These terroir-driven cuvees are characterized by a remarkable subtlety and finesse. Le Mont – For many insiders, the argument over Vouvray’s greatest vineyard comes down to two sites: Le Mont and Clos du Bourg. Undisputably a Grand Cru vineyard, Le Mont enjoys a choice site on the Première Côte. With less clay and more stone than Le Haut-Lieu, Le Mont yields young wines of intense minerality. With age, the wines develop great length and finesse. Purchased in 1957, Le Mont’s 9 ha of green-tinged clay soils are speckled with stone and mica. Often the most reticent wines at this estate, they develop profound character with age. Harvest is by hand, and occurs over 2-3 successive passes (“tries”) through the vineyards. Intact bunches are pressed into a 50/50 mix of tanks and old demi-muids, where alcoholic fermentation proceeds naturally with indigenous yeasts. When fermentations reach their conclusions, the wines are racked into old barrels where they spend the winter before bottling in April.