Heinz Eifel “Shine” Dornfelder Sweet Red QbA 2022, Rheinhessen, Germany

Heinz Eifel ‘Shine’ Dornfelder grows in the biggest German wine growing area: Rheinhessen. The wine estate of Christian Spohr, the son-in-law of Heinz Eifel, is based in Abenheim, which is part of Worms, one of the oldest cities in Germany. Dornfelder was a result of a series of crossings by August Herold at the grape breeding institute in Weinsberg in 1955, and was released for cultivation in 1979. Since then, Dornfelder has grown to be the 2nd most widely planted red grape in Germany. The reflection of the suns rays off the Rhein River help to ripen these hearty red grapes, thus producing a full-bodied wine with flavors of dark red fruits with a well-balanced sweetness. Enjoy slightly chilled.