Harveys The Bristol Cream Solera Sherry, 750ml, Spain

John Harvey & Sons is a wine merchant, started by John Harvey in Bristol, England in 1796, and specializing in importing Spanish and Portuguese wines. During the 1860s and 1880s, in the company’s cellars John Harvey II (son of John Harvey) and his brother Edward Harvey developed the world’s first cream sherry now known as Harvey’s Bristol Cream. The blend starts with wines from fifty different soleras, including three sherry types: delicate, dry Fino, nutty, old Amontillado, and fragrant Oloroso. Finally some rare, sweet Pedro Ximénez wine is added for sweetness, and for the richness and creaminess that is the hallmark of the style. The Bristol Cream is the only sherry that is not only commonly served chilled, but on the rocks – the ice cuts the viscosity. A slice of lemon or lime is often added as well, especially in warmer weather; the acidity of citrus cuts back the sweetness.