Guigal Côtes du Rhône Blanc 2013

The Côtes du Rhône appellation applies to red, white and rose wines from vineyards throughout the Rhône Valley, comprising about 90% of the total production of the region. Quality and style can vary widely. By selecting and blending cuvées form over 100 top growers, the Guigals produce exceptional examples of all 3 wines. Traditionally dominated by Clairette, Grenache Blanc, and Bourboulenc, since 1991 the Guigals have now based their Côtes du Rhône white on a significant proportion of Viognier (now 55%), with additions of Marsanne (from St.-Péray) and Roussanne in the blend. The soils are varied, consisting mainly of sedimentary, limestone and granite soils, with many pebbles and alluvial deposits. The wine is fermented at cool temperatures in stainless steel cuves, with controlled alcoholic fermentation. The blend in the 2013 is 65% Viognier, 15% Roussanne, 8% Clairette, 10% Marsanne, 2% Bourboulenc. Fruity with plenty of richness and body. A well-rounded wine with elegance, strength and balance.