Gia Francesca Italian Style Grappa, 750ml, Madison, North Carolina

GIA Distillery, Inc. is a small boutique distillery located in a train station built in 1895 in the small town of Madison, NC. One of the owners grew up in Sicily and the other comes from Asheville, NC. Both have been making wine and beer for at least 40 years and have parlayed that experience now into distilling where they’re able to add that hand-crafted touch. Everything from crushing the grapes/grain, fermentation, distilling and bottling is done by hand, with no automated systems. This extra work and effort shine through with an exceptional set of products that offer quality and perfection. The Francesca Grappa is named after the wife of one of the owners, who is also Italian and is named Frances. “Our grappa is made the old fashion Italian way back when they utilized the entire grape for production. We don’t just use the hulls, stems and seeds for fermentation but also the juice from the grape that usually is transferred off for wine production. The grappa is then rested on French Oak, which combined with the juice of the grape, provide a smoothness not found in most Italian Grappa’s.” – from the distillery