Frapin VS 1270 Cognac, 750ml, Cognac, France

Exclusively harvested, distilled and aged from the Frapin estate’s, 1270 honors Frapin’s terroir and know-how. It is the perfect introduction before discovering the entire range. Thanks to its great aromatic richness, Frapin 1270 can be used as an after-dinner liqueur or as an aperitif especially for mixed drinks. It promises a great time for those who enjoy a spontaneous aperitif. Serve with tonic water, a dash of sparkling water or simply over ice. It is ideal base ingredient for aperitifs and the most sophisticated cocktails. Color and bouquet: Its warm, golden highlights give it a beautiful straw color, bearing witness to its time in new Limousin oak barrels. Bouquet: its aromas of vine and lime blossom, with a light touch of vanilla from its ageing in Limousin barrels, promise the aromatic richness characteristic of a great cognac. Palate: Roundness, finesse and balance. Length on the palate due to a very special distillation over fine lees, with slight vanilla or toast notes, adding a touch of freshness and originality.