Evesham Wood Vineyard Haden Fig Pinot Noir 2020, Willamette Valley, Oregon

“2018 was another in a string of growing seasons with very warm summers. While in terms of “growing degree days” 2018 is the coolest season since 2012, the wines are showing as though from a powerful and warm vintage. The have a very firm structure which suggests a long life ahead with a core of ripe, plump fruit and surprisingly zesty acids. “Founded by Russ Raney in 1986, Evesham Wood is based on the idea that small is beautiful. To maintain a high level of quality, we rely on two basic principles: obtaining optimally ripe low-yield fruit from the best possible sites in the Willamette Valley, and using minimal intervention in the winemaking process. That approach is alive and well today, and is evident in every bottle we produce. Winemaker and owner, Erin Nuccio.