Domaine Marcel Deiss Le Jeu Des Verts 2020, Alsace, France

The Marcel DEISS estate, located in Bergheim, in the heart of the Ribeauvillé fault field, derives its originality from the assiduous practice of biodynamic viticulture throughout the 32-hectare vineyard, producing low-yield wines obtained by returning to the old Alsatian wine-growing tradition of the Complantation. This art of bringing together in the vineyard plot the grape varieties adapted to the terroir, is the only way to obtain real stability in the personality of each terroir. Complantation is the art of mixing grape varieties in a terroir. It is the oldest form of viticulture known before the appearance of clones and the depletion of biodiversity. It ensures regular harvests by creating a complex and naturalist ecosystem. Anxious to go further in the expression of the marls of the Gruenspiel terroir, literally the “Game of greens”, one of the most qualitative of the Bergheim finage, which takes its poetic name from the checkerboard that expresses the heterogeneous nature of the surface soil made up of torrential sandstone, granitic and sometimes gneissic deposits, laid on a deep matrix of Keuper lacustrine marls. We have chosen the path of maceration, a new way to express some of our wines, to develop them in their youth without renouncing their aptitude for ageing. Surface area: 1,5 ha. Plantation density: 8000 plants/ha. Age of the vineyard: planted between 1982 and 2002. Vinification : Maceration of 3 weeks in vats, maturing in tuns for one year. Bottled without sulphur or filtration – Vinolok glass stopper.