Chateau La Confession 2017, St-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, France

2001 was the debut vintage for Chateau La Confession in St- Emilion and it’s new, young owner, Bordeaux wine maker, Jean-Philippe Janoueix. The 7.5 hectare St-Emilion vineyard of Chateau La Confession is planted on clay, chalk and siliceous soils. On average, the vines are 43 years old. In the vineyard, Janoueix practices double cane pruning for the Merlot and single can pruning for the Cabernet Franc. At Chateau La Confession, Janoueix thins the leaves in June on the East side and does the same for the Cabernet on the westside. Château La Confession is fermented in open wood tanks come from Taransaud with no added yeasts. Punching of the cap and pumping overs alternate night and day until 70% of the alcoholic fermentation has been completed. The total vatting time is between 5 and 6 weeks. Malolactic fermentation occurs in oak barrels from Allier. Stirring of the lees takes place during fermentation. At Chateau La Confession, Jannoueix uses a combination of different shaped, oak barrels. 50% of the barrels are in the traditional shape and the other 50% are in the shape of a cigar. Janoueix likes the cigar shaped barrels because they offer a better digestion of the lees by the wine, owing to a wider surface of exchange brought by their shape. The wine remains in barrel for between 15 and 19 months, depending on the vintage.