Champagne Nathalie Falmet Terra Extra Brut 2013, Plot of Land ZH 303, Côtes des Bar, France

fter studying chemistry in Paris XI and graduating in oenology in Reims in 1993, Nathalie Falmet took over the family estate and became a winegrower in the ‘Côte des Bar’. She works in parallel in both lines of work. The vineyard of 3, 40 hectares, is managed with sustainable cultivation on higher Kimmeridgian clay-limestone soil where grape varieties, soils and specific plots of land express themselves naturally. Together with different methods of winemaking, they produce a variety of vintages. ‘My philosophy of growing the vines, vinification and winemaking is of course the healthiest, as far as the respect of nature is concerned, but it also leads to a purity and unmatched quality of wine.’ This wine is a special vintage because it is vinified in amphora. The terracotta allows a micro-oxygenation and the Brownian movement enhances it with a beautiful complexity. It is made with 100% Chardonnay and comes from a single year and a single plot. Vinification: 8 hl vinified in an amphora.