Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 1L, Napa Valley, California

Caymus Cabernets are the result of Napa Valley’s very special climate and soil conditions. The Valley is actually an agricultural preserve located just an hour north of San Francisco where Cabernet wine grapes reign as king. The winery’s 60-plus acres of estate Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley’s Rutherford District continue to form the foundation of Caymus Cabernets. The primary goodness of this wine is the presence of balance, with a supple texture, approachable grip and a fruit of the earth essence. Caymus Cabernets rely on both mountain and valley fruit…about 75% valley floor with 25% grown in mountain locations. Each vineyard block is farmed according to the specific needs of its soil type, climate, slope and orientation. During the growing season, the vines are thinned in multiple passes in pursuit of concentrated wines with dark color, intense flavor and textural structure. Attention to the character of grapes from different vineyards continues in winemaking. Decisions are made lot-by-lot about maceration times, fermentation temperatures, the type and toast level of French oak barrels, and the length of barrel aging. Finally, selected lots are blended to make the wines Chuck Wagner believes best express the vineyards and the vintage.