Casteller Cava Brut Rosé, Método Tradicional, Penedès, Spain

The non-vintage Casteller Rosé Cava is made from 100% Trepat grrapes, a variety special to Northeastern Spain. Casteller is made by the largest vineyard owner in the Penedés region, which only makes wine with the best 40% of its grapes. The bright, clean, citrus character of Casteller is superb and a delight. Vineyards are located in Zone 5 in northeast Spain, a few miles south of Barcelona in the Alt (High) Penedés subregion of the Penedés DO. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, at 176 meters (577 ft.) elevation, the vineyards and winery are located in the town of Vilafranca del Penedès. Vines existed prior to the 4th Century BC, introduced by the ancient Greeks. The topsoil is limestone and sand; the latter provides good drainage into the deeper water-retaining layers of clay subsoil and nourishes the vine when necessary. The soils are poor in organic matter, resulting in lower yields per vine and greater skin-to-juice ratio per berry. This produces more intense and concentrated flavors in the grapes. The area’s climate has an average temperature from April-October of 66.6ºF, higher than the standard in Zone 5 (63ºF), with a yearly rainfall of 24 inches. The higher temperatures bring higher levels of sugar while the elevation and rainfall give greater acid levels.