Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka,750ml, Pennsylvania

Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is made batch by batch from original mash using only locally grown potatoes. Each batch is hand crafted in a 1,200 liter copper pot still using only the “hearts” of the run. Every bottle is filled by hand, corked and dipped in wax. And each and every bottle is batch numbered and personally signed by the still master. “For every batch of vodka produced in a single still, there are three parts. The first part is known as the ‘heads’. These toxic, bitter alcohols are discarded. The ‘hearts’ flow next. We collect these naturally sweet spirits one batch at a time. The final part is the ‘tails’. Most distillers recycle these musty alcohols to increase their yield. Not Boyd & Blair. We bottle only the hearts.” – From the Distillery