Bonny Doon Riesling, 'The Heart Has its Rieslings' 2013, Monterey County, California

This wine was made from ever so slightly botrytised grapes from the Ventana Vineyard in Monterey County and the extremely shy-yielding Wirz Vineyard in San Benito County. Remarkably crisp, zinging acidity with enough sweetness (3%ish) to keep it perfectly balanced, it delivers an exquisite wallop to the senses. Eminently approachable in the short term, it is also felt that this wine will reward a long-term commitment to cellaring. “In the nose, you find a classic fragrance of kirsch, but maybe also Mirabelle plum and an earthiness that bespeaks the Nahe. Very delicate body; in the mouth, a sort of filigreed, dancing lightness to the wine, impelled, no doubt, by a wonderful, refreshing acidity.” – From the Winery