Bernabeleva Camino de Navaherreros 2021, DO Viños de Madrid, Spain

With a modern highway nearing completion, San Martín de Valdeiglesias lies a mere 75 minutes from Madrid and its three million inhabitants. The estate named Bernabeleva (‘the bear’s forest’), was believed to be a special place to plant the noble Garnacha (Grenache) – a place whose wines might exhibit profound character. The vineyards are more than a half mile above sea level, with warm days but cool nights, and with poor, sandy soils. The resulting wines have ample ripeness, but also astounding bouyancy and freshness. 25 day maceration with some whole cluster. Fermentation takes place in a combination of stainless steel, concrete and large wood vats. No fining and no filtering. Aged in large upright old wooden vats or stainless steel.The bear on the label speaks to the Celtic past of this region, with ancient bears carved from boulders to mark forests dedicated to the hunt goddess.