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B&B French Spiced Liqueur & Fine Cognac 375ml, France

B&B Liqueur, 40% alcohol by volume, combines Bénédictine Liqueur and fine French cognac into an aromatic libation made with 27 different herbs and spices. The base spirit is quite a departure from other spirits created from grapes, grain, or potatoes, as it is made from 100% beetroot from Normandy, France. Made in small batches of 4 distinct recipes, each recipe includes infused vanilla and lemon peels, is aged for 3 months before the marriage of 60% Bénédictine and 40% Otard fine French cognac, followed by a “wedding gift” of acacia honey and saffron. Next comes the “honeymoon” where B&B Liqueur is aged for 12 months at the Bénédictine Palace in Fécamp, France, and lastly, the spirit is filtered, aged for an additional 3 months, and then bottled.