Antinori Santa Cristina Campogrande Orvieto DOC Classico 2017, Italy

A straw yellow in color, the wine shows intense and delicate aromas of fruit and flowers which recall both tropical and citrus fruit and orange blossoms. The flavors are full and fresh with a soft and savory finish and aftertaste. Principally Procanico and Grechetto, along with a small part of other authorized white grape varities. Orvieto is, today, one of Italy’s most widely known white wines on a worldwide basis and represents, on its own, approximately three fourths of all the appellation wine produced in the Umbria region of Italy. The appellation itself is divided into two parts: Orvieto Classico, produced in the area around the bluff of tufaceous rock on which the city of Orvieto is perched and Orvieto, from areas to the north and south of the classic zone. The geological components of the territory (of volcanic origin), together with a favorable and quite individual micro-climate which distinguishes the area of the Paglia and lower Tiber rivers, is the basis of the fame of a wine which, since time immemorial, is an integral part of the history of the city. It is no accident that Orvieto is one of the very few cities of the world whose name is synonymous with that of the wine of its surrounding territory.