Angostura 1919 Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean Rum, 750ml

Opportunity is often embedded in risk. In 1932 a great fire destroyed the Trinidad & Tobago Government Rum Bond. Joseph Fernandes, master blender and owner of Fernandes Distillery, seized this opportunity and bought the charred casks of rum only then to discover that this rum had aged and matured magnificently. This prized rum was skillfully blended and called 1919 “Super” Premium Rum (1919 being the year the rum was casked). As expected, this rum was soon in great demand. With the declaration of WWII in 1939, Trinidad & Tobago troops volunteered to serve on the battlefronts in Europe. The Company decided to send a bottle of 1919 “Super” Premium Rum on a regular basis to each of their airmen serving overseas. Through their generosity, they soon came to share the rum with their foreign colleagues – and thus this product became known in the wider world.