Sass Estate Pinot Noir 2016, Willamette Valley, Oregon


Sass Estate Pinot Noir 2016, Willamette Valley, Oregon

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Sass Winery produces small amounts of handcrafted, super premium quality pinot noir, pinot gris, pinot blanc and chardonnay. The vineyard, first planted in 1989, is in the hills of South Salem, facing east and south, at a gently rolling elevation of 480-530 feet. The soils are well-drained red clay. The vines are closely spaced at 1,800 to the acre and are naturally farmed. The winery was built in 1995, sunk partly into the hillside so that the crush pad is 5 feet above the winery floor, allowing gravity, not pumps, to power the harvest. 2015 notes: “This is the first vintage when we experimented with reducing the height of the vine canopy. We wondered whether less leaf surface space on the trellis might slow photosynthesis and therefore the ripening process. One year isn’t enough of a trial (two, actually, because we tried it again in 2016, another warm vintage), but it seems to have worked. We want ripening to linger into the fall so we get the big temperature swings between 70 in the daytime and 40s at night that bring forth full flavors and aromas in our wines. It also kept acidity naturally high, which gives the wines a lovely balance that will also allow them to age well and for a long time. With that in mind, I think the 2015s are splendid wines, with lots of deeply nuanced aromas and flavors that seemed to run a full spectrum from black cherry to cranberry, with peppery spices and some earth. The wine lingers in the mouth and evolves wonderfully in the glass as it’s enjoyed, too, which I love about really good pinot noir.” – Jerry Sass, Owner/Winemaker

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